Micro-nutrientsMacronutrientsRequirementsRequired in minute quantities.Required in large quantities.FunctionsPlay a crucial role in the prevention of diseases.Play a crucial role in providing energy.Consequences of DeficiencyDeficiency results in Anemia, Scurvy, Goiter, etc.Deficiency results in Malnutrition, Kwashiorkor, marasmus, etc.Consequences of Over consumptionOver consumption of Vitamins leads to liver and nerve damage.Over consumption of macro-nutrients results in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc.ConcentrationAvailable in minute in the body. Less than 1 mg/gm.Available in high concentration in the body. Equal to 1 mg or 1000 micro gram.CompositionAlso called trace elements.Also known as major elements.Typesvitamins, minerals and trace elements.carbohydrate, protein...

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